Delta CSR

Together we work for our nation

Delta Pharma Ltd. has achieved a lot of successes by this time through its business operation. At Delta Pharma, we do believe that the society has played a major role for the achievement of Delta Pharma. That is why Delta Pharma considers that CSR initiatives are an integral part of the operational strategy.

At Delta Pharma we consider our responsibility towards our stakeholders, society and environment. With our growth we are creating values in the society, especially in the healthcare sector of Bangladesh.

We think about the society during procurement of Raw materials, we think about the society during pricing of our products and even we think about the society during creating marketing strategies.

Delta CSR

We served the Nation during and after COVID-19:

Local Covid-19 drugs handed to drug admin

Upon receiving the green signal from the Pharmaceuticals Association, Delta Pharma Limited yesterday handed over two different medicines to the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA) for treating COVID-19 patients. The company handed over three

lakh hydroxychloroquine and 1.2 lakh azithromycin tablets to DGDA director general Maj. Gen. Md Mahbubur Rahman. “Coronavirus-infected patients can get this medicine through government hospitals. These medicines are not for sale in local pharmacies. They will be provided by the authorities concerned only,” said Rahman.

Ref: The Independent, 24 March, 2020.

CSR Pricing:

Delta Pharma always considers the socio-economic condition of the general people of Bangladesh during pricing of the products. Keeping the product with the highest quality, we always keep the price of our product affordable. Not only that, to keep the price of the product affordable many times we do not hesitate to sacrifice our profit margin.

Empowering Women:

The main aspect of women empowerment is the equal rights of women in the working field. From the very beginning, Delta Pharma is contributing on women empowerment of the local society by opening working opportunities for women. Majority of the production workers are women who were unemployed before establishement of Delta Pharma and who are contributing to their families and to the society.

Support to the Rohingya victims:

Delta Pharma extended their its hand to the helpless Rohingya people by donating medicines and financial aid through different organizations. The employees of DPL also donated their one day basic salary to the Rohingya victims.

Medicine support to others:

We have also provided medicine in Hazz Camp, Eztema Camp and Flood affected areas through different organizations.