Employee Quality Improvement

Employee Quality Improvement

We do believe that proper training enrich the knowledge base of employees. Unlike many others employers, we do not consider training as unnecessary expenses, rather we do believe that it as a highly profitable investment.

Employees of every level have some weaknesses in skills and knowledge and we consider these lacking as natural phenomenon. At Delta Pharma, we regularly review, monitor and identify these lacking of employees in knowledge and skills and provide the necessary trainings. We provide both On-the-job and Off-the-Job training, depending upon the situation and need of the employee.

In the plant, we conduct training in each and every department. Starting from the basic workers up to the departmental heads, training is an integral part of their regular professional life. The workers get training from heads of the different departments of the plant on regular basis. The Technical persons also get local and foreign training on different technical issues.

We provide rigorous and extensive foundation training to the newly recruited sales professionals through our In-house training department. Trainers from Marketing, Sales and HR departments conduct the academic part of the training program. After that they also get field training by our senior level field colleagues. By this academic and hands-on professional training the fresh graduates become a complete pharma sales professional who can confront any challenges. They also get refreshers training in every month to keep their knowledge updated. We have well equipped and furnished training room, equipped with digital facilities both in Plant and Corporate office.

For indoor professionals we conduct training program every year depending on their training need. For this purpose, we utilize our internal human resources and we also hire resource persons from outsides.

Besides that, frequently we send our mid and upper level managers and executives to different seminar, symposium and workshops to give them different professional exposures.