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The manufacturing Plant of Delta Pharma is fully compliant with WHO cGMP guidelines and equipped with most modern facilities and equipment. Our Global quality standard can be quantified by the various international accreditations that we have acquired. We are continually striving to improve our capabilities to meet the requirements of the patients with satisfactory quality and price. Delta Pharma adopt the best practices in all our plant operations to ensure the highest quality products. Every team is highly skilled and experienced in their respective fields.

Our quality management system ensures the consistency of high standard products. We are in the front-foot of any opportunity of social/charitable activities. Care and concern for the environment is the nucleus of every operation.

We successfully export to more than 9 countries including Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Nigeria, Sudan, Afghanistan & others. At present the annual production capacity of our plant is around 50 million USD.

General Production Unit: Production capacity per year

Cephalosporin Unit: Production capacity per year