Engineering and Maintenance Department

Engineering Department of Delta Pharma has established a workshop with modern heavy duty machinery and engineering store. We have also a good number of skilled professionals including B.Sc Engineer, Diploma Engineers, Trained mechanics of Electrical-Mechanical and AC/HVAC. We have also including a new 800KVA Generator in our Power house. Established Fire Hydrant System for total factory area and arrange a fire drill on regular basis in presence of the Inspector of Fire Service and Civil Defense. This department is dedicated for the smooth functioning and regular maintenance of the Production machinery, QC/QA Equipments, Power house (generator with underground reserve tank, Sub-station with transformer and dedicated main distribution system), Air compressor system, HVAC system, Water treatment plant and ETP.

Warehouse Department

Warehouse of Delta Pharma provides excellent professional service to other departments with good co-operation and integrity maintaining the highest standards in internal service as per WHO guideline and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. Delta Pharma has its own set of unique rules that have to adhere in order to stock, pick and deliver of RM, PM, and FG in a way that conforms to the regulations. Warehouse keeping fully implement the system to ensure FIFO/FEFO and ensure that stock is always handled, not only in the correct, but also most efficient and cost effective manner. We have the liquid RM store, flammable solvent store and two Heat sensitive RM store (temperature maintained between 2oc to 8oc and 8oc to 15oc). In this year a new Cargo lift (3,000 kg capacity) is included for caring of RM, PM and FG on 1st floor and 2nd floor. Dispensing area is equipped to avoid cross-contamination and physically separated from the other rooms. We have dedicated Packaging materials store and isolated store for export packaging materials (labels are kept under lock & key system and primary packaging materials are under cool conditions). We have separate finished goods store with quarantine in the plant. Return and reject materials/goods are kept to the appropriate storage location as per procedure (SOP). Good Warehouse Practice such as SOP for warehouse keeping, SOP for raw material reconciliation, SOP for Narcotic material handling, SOP for temperature mapping etc. are maintaining regularly in our Factory as per GMP guidelines.